When you invest in Martech, you’re investing in performance. In the US, brands are investing almost 1/3 of their marketing budgets on Martech, because the investment pays off. At least, it should. The results depend upon the implementation, integration, training, and execution of the tool. When it comes to complex technology, bringing in a Martech expert can set you up for success and help you avoid common pitfalls of an incomplete or faulty implementation, improper usage of the tool, or less-than-expected results. Here are six reasons why you should bring in a Martech expert: 

1.) They’ve Seen Worse

From every messed up, underutilized, broken, inefficient, or partially executed tool, the Martech expert has seen it all. More importantly, they know how to fix it all. If you’re not seeing the ROI from your Martech investment and wonder why it isn’t working the way you expected, it’s time to call for help.

 2.) They’ve Seen Better

A Martech expert has seen (and implemented) the leading Martech tools, data funnels, automation and integrations and knows how to ensure efficient, streamlined, optimized performance. They’re confident in their skills because they’ve tackled complex implementations many times before and know how to make automation work to achieve results. They know what’s possible and how to attain it.

 3.) They Can Teach

Outsourcing can boost your team’s capabilities. From beginners to advanced users, there is always more to learn when it comes to Martech. The industry and technologies are ever-changing, and your team needs to continually sharpen their skills. Bringing in an expert who knows Martech inside and out will allow you to have confidence that your team will get up to speed quickly. A specialist can evaluate where they’re truly at and whether there are any knowledge gaps or inefficiencies in the way they’re using the tools.

 4.) They Can Report

Are you using standard, out-of-the-box reports and dashboards? If so, you’re missing out on critical, specialized reporting that will give you deeper insight. Reporting should be tailored to your goals and KPIs. A Martech expert can help you set up automated reports and dashboards that will tell your story.

5.) They Can Clean Up Your Data

A database needs regular maintenance. Not unlike any storage unit in real life, if you keep adding items to it without organizing and cleaning it out, it can quickly become a mess. At some point, you may not know what you have in it. An expert can determine if there is redundancy or errors, or a need to optimize and streamline your data.

 6.) They Can Free Up Your Teams 

Learning the ins and outs of new technology, documenting, and sharing that knowledge internally takes time. Launching a new Martech implementation and making sure your tools are interconnected also requires time. Rather than pull your team members away from standard operations to tackle such a huge project, you can bring in a Martech expert to handle it quickly and efficiently.

At Meld, we love Martech and are passionate about transforming messy tech stacks. We’ve used, launched, integrated and optimized hundreds of tools for companies of all sizes in every industry. You can rest assured that you are in capable hands with Meld, and you’ll enjoy working with us because we aren’t your typical techies. We “meld” our passion, creativity, and technical know-how with the companies we partner with to deliver exceptional results. Contact us today to meet a stellar Meld-er and discuss your business needs. Let’s talk Martech!

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